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Ready for the new school year!

7212bed8-e1e5-4d4c-9e54-f0fc3ac1936fWhat a week!

Busy, busy, busy getting my classroom in order – rearranging, painting, decorating, organizing – but everything’s ready to go!

It’s been great seeing all of my colleagues again and getting back into the swing of things….

Class formally starts on Tuesday the 20th, with Monday being orientation and getting the last things prepared.

Below are some photos I took today of my classroom……best to post them now, because this is the cleanest it’s gonna look until next year!

Click on the picture for a larger view:

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Exhibiting at the Tidewater Virginia Art Education Association Show

vaea-2012-logo-2I’m happy to mention that 5 of my pieces will be exhibited at the Tidewater Virginia Art Education Association (TVAEA) art show from August 16 through the 31st!

Located at the Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News. For more info, call the center at 757-247-8950.

See you there!!

Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center
2410 Wickham Ave
Newport News, VA 23607

Here’s a live map:

View Larger Map

My new links page: Some great resources for art teachers

linksthI just added a new page to my website where I’ll be posting links to some great online resource for art teachers, and for education in general.

…currently 20+ awesome links – View them now!


Intaglio Printmaking

One of my favorite mediums, and also one of my passions! IMG_1685

Intaglio engraving, as a method of making prints, was invented in Germany by the 1430s, well after the woodcut print. Engraving had been used by goldsmiths to decorate metalwork, including armour, musical instruments and religious objects since ancient times, and the niello technique, which involved rubbing an alloy into the lines to give a contrasting colour, also goes back to late antiquity. It has been suggested that goldsmiths began to print impressions of their work to record the design, and that printmaking developed from that.

Check out more information here, on Wikipedia


Free Art History – Smarthistory – by Khan Academy

For those who didn’t know about this site, prepare to be amazed – a free art history resource from Khan Academy:

Visit Smarthistory khan

5th Annual CTK ART SHOW

Save the date! The 5th Annual CTK Art Show will be held May 9th and 10th this year! We’re looking forward to it!

So it’s a bit soon, but I’ll be posting more info at when the time comes.

Looking forward to seeing you there!