My Artist Statement

My Artist Statement:

I view structure and shape as intrinsically involved in how our lives unfold. I see light and 2013-02-04_01-29-54-1shadow as the building blocks of everything we touch…of everything we see and experience. I examine the art and architecture…the form of buildings and scenes…and discover how each section tells a story….a snapshot with the potential of passers-by and life minute by minute. I work to capture interesting corners of my environment in my drawing and printmaking and, by absorbing every detail, I become wholly immersed as much in the creativity of the process as in the solace of the result.

In my practice of Intaglio printmaking, I enjoy merging architecture with a skewed perspective, creating a wondersome quandry of mixed reality and fantasy. Each work unfolds in a unique way, yet ties together a common theme. I find comfort in knowing I can deliver my own perspective to an art form practiced by true masters, among them Dürer, Rembrandt, Escher, Whistler, and Caravaggio, and along the way work to nurture and perfect my own creative process in a fusion with my ever growing passion for art history.